Premier Search Engine Submission Package- Cost 699 per year

Premier Submission is the undisputed leader in search engine optimisation methodologies that GUARANTEES you top ranking in the search engines under key phrases that your potential customers will key into the search engines for the mimimal cost of 699 per annum. Using proprietary technology and 6 years' experience of what works with search engines we create hidden "Premier Submission sites" that concentrate on your top phrases and that re-direct users automatically to your web site.


How does it work
We update our central system EVERY DAY to reflect the latest criteria used by all the major search engines. Our proprietary software (Premier Submission) then re-generates every single one of our customers' Premier Submission sites, yours included, so that they are permanently optimised to achieve top ranking. When the user clicks on the search engines' link to your Premier Submission site they are forwarded straight to your MAIN WEB SITE, using unique cloaking technology, undetectable by search engines.

What we do - ten steps to success with Premier Submission!

  1. Create Premier Submission sites concentrating on those key phrases
  2. Host your Premier Submission sites on our powerful servers
  3. Register domain names for each Premier Submission site
  4. Cloak the Premier Submission sites so browsers are immediately re-directed straight to your web site
  5. Register the Premier Submission sites with inktomi (which drives over 100 major search engines worldwide, and re indexes the Premier Submission sites every 48 hours)
  6. Register the Premier Submission sites with the top 50 global and regional search engines every two weeks
  7. Email you once per month telling you what positions we have achieved for you in the search engines under your selected phrases
  8. Include you in our Network Linking programme so your Premier Submission sites link to each other and to random other Premier Submission sites which boosts their position in search engines that rank link popularity
  9. Update your Premier Submission sites automatically EVERY DAY to include every change in the search engines so they are constantly optimised to come out on top!
  10. Deliver guaranteed top ranking in the search engines and guaranteed business through greater visitor numbers.


  • Optimisation of unlimited key phrases
  • Guaranteed top ranking in the search engines
  • Re-optimised every day through software system
  • Unique network linking system benefits your Premier sites and your own site
  • Rank tracking report every 2 weeks on all your key phrases in the 40 major search engines
  • Ability to change key phrases at any time
  • Totally separate from your web site
  • Cloaking of the Premier sites so that users don`t see it
  • Monthly and annual payment options


  • Effective coverage under wide spread of keywords
  • Top ranking under YOUR preferred keywords
  • Top ranking is for the whole period, not just one day
  • Top ranking for your web site in search engines that use link popularity (Google, Excite etc)
  • We tell you when we achieve the guarantee - you don`t need to spend hours checking
  • If any phrases don`t work well, just change them for free!
  • No more wiping out your optimisation on your web site by mistake
  • In the unlikely event that a search engine penalises the Premier site, your web site is not affected
  • Seamless delivery of users direct to your web site
  • Solution to suit your budget and cashflow


Guaranteed Top Ranking in the Search Engines

The greater number of keywords that you choose the greater number of first page positions we can guarantee as the Network Linking programme has a snowball effect the more key phrases that are chosen. In each case we guarantee a minimum number of first page positions for your Premier Submission sites or your web site (remember your web site`s position will be helped by the Network Linking Programme) in the top 40 search engines. If we fail we refund 100 PER CENT of your fee despite the costs we have incurred - WITHOUT QUESTION.


Premier 20 and Premier 0 price on application

Top 40 search engines for the purposes of the guarantee:,,,,, web pages, web pages,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, MSN Australia, AOL Australia, Yahoo Australia,,,, MSN Canada,,,,, MSN South Africa,


Terms of guarantee:

  1. Payment must be received for all Search Engine Submission packages within 14 days of invoice date for guarantee to apply
  2. Guarantee can only be exercised after a period of 3 months from initial subscription to allow search engines time to index the Search Engine Submission sites. Guarantee must be exercised within 2 months of expiry of this initial 3-month period
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